About Me

I am a #CRNAMOM! My goal is to use scripture to minister to my fellow healthcare heroes. Of course I tend to lean towards the hearts of moms, but God’s word is for everyone! My content is geared to encourage the healthcare providers who are weary and run down from the live of serving others at their weakest moments. I pray my content will help bring life back to your dry bones. 

I have been an RN since 2010, CRNA since 2016, and my biggest title of mom since 2017. During that time God has done a work in my life that is incredible. 

The year 2020 put a big ole stamp of YUCK in healthcare. It will forever be the time healthcare workers became heroes. While that is a wonderful title to carry, it was also a heavy weight that left people lost and confused. Many left the profession, many are contemplating it. I pray with fresh new look on life; our mission to quiet the anxiety of all patients will become renewed. 

I pray this site will help moms like myself navigate life in a graceful and loving manner.