Blog Transition!

Almost Two years ago I wrote a Facebook post dissecting the song Rattle.

Since that day God has used multiple people to tell me I was a writer.

I would have NEVER envisioned myself writing, but here we are… blogging and writing about my Jesus. When I started my blog I was writing to lukewarm Christians. I’ve used scripture to encourage Christian’s like myself to get back in to the Word.

Through out the last year and half God has been molding and shaping me for this next step. He is calling me to write to a more narrow audience; CRNA moms!

Now, if you have been a faithful reader of mine please don’t run away! I really feel you’ll still be blessed by the content God gives me to share.

As my faithful subscriber I’m asking you to pray for me! Pray for my readers. Being a CRNA mom is a difficult road and I know God has placed me in this career to do his mission work! Ministering and discipling CRNA moms gets me so excited and I pray lives will be saved and changed all for the Glory of God.

Here we go!

God I’m following you, lead me, shape me and mold me to your image!


Dry Bones Hear the Word of the Lord

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