Let someone else be the door holder

As a young girl, I yearned to lead.

I wanted to be in the front of the line, be the door opener; be the one that people come to for advice…etc. I now have a four year old mini version of myself. I watch her get excited about helping.

She wants to lead.

Recently at church I watched her be very forceful about wanting to hold the door for everyone, but there was a young man wanting to be a gentleman and hold the door for all the other children. I watched this situation unfold and stepped in to tell my daughter,

“Baby sometimes you need to let someone else be the door holder”

She stooped her shoulder, put her head down and drug her feet over. A year ago it would have been an all out melt down and dramatic scene, but this time was different. This time, the instruction I gave her was followed without turmoil. She obeyed me even though she wasn’t happy about it.

The weak part of me thought “I did that, I taught her how to submit”

The holy spirit in me, reminded me, He did that. God has given me wisdom and strength to parent this strong willed, red headed “sour patch” kid. In fact, she has graduated from that nick name and now little sister holds the title. Jury still out on her…

The small scenario has two lessons.

1. We can’t always be the leader.

2. God gets the credit, not us

It’s quite hard for someone who naturally wants to be in charge to step back and let someone else do that job, but in my opinion it’s important to learn how. We are not perfect. It makes me think of Moses who was actually the opposite. He was convinced that he couldn’t lead. Even though he stood bare foot in front of a burning bush talking to the creator of the universe.

Sometimes the jobs we want so badly are exactly the jobs we need to step away from, and the ones we want no part of are the ones we need to step up and lead.

I want my daughter to be empowered, but I also want her to be respectful and be able to read situations. That young boy needed that “win”.

When we step back and look outside of our personal wants and look at the other people. We can see when someone else needs the win more than ourself.

God always get the credit. End of story.

Nothing we do is because we are awesome. We are dirty rotten sinners who’s sin nature gets the best of us. The only way we can do things well, is with the power of the Holy Spirit. The only reason my sass pot red head obeys me now is because I spent many nights at the top of our stairs crying and asking for wisdom and guidance on raising a strong willed child.

I asked specifically for help during awful bouts of tantrums and outburst. I finally got her to a good spot and then went and had myself another strong willed sass pot.


These kids! I love them but man they are challenging.

Isn’t everything wonderful gained with some sweat though?!?

I never thought watching my child try and hold a door would get all this, but hey God is cool.

Are you a natural born leader and need to step back and let some one else win for once?

Are you taking all the credit, when its actually Gods to have?

No matter where you are, I would bet at least one of these apply to you. Maybe you are more like Moses and convinced you aren’t worthy.

You are. You can do it and with Gods help you can lead the battle ahead of you.

Step back if you need to

Give credit where credit is due

Step up if you’re being called.

Dear God,

Thank you for the small lessons I find in raising my kids. Thank you for helping me through such an awful toddler-hood. I pray that anyone reading this will gather strength knowing that with you, anything is possible. Lord help us Step back, Give thanks and step up. In your name I pray. Amen

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