Letting Go

I’m sure at some point you’ve seen the saying “Let go and Let God” this week I’ve thought a lot about the phrase “letting go”.

This act of letting go applies to so many aspects of life

Letting go of past hurt

Letting go of grief

Letting go of a child

Letting go of:






As I was putting my three year old to bed this week I was flooded with emotions of her growing up. Three short years ago she needed me for literally everything. In the moment, it’s overwhelming and stressful.

The first step of me letting go was sending her to daycare for the first time. Letting someone else care for her throughout the day was so incredibly difficult. I knew deep down that this was the beginning of letting her go.

Our bedtime routine consists of timing everything!

In two minutes you’re brushing your teeth

you can play with my hair for three minutes

and then finally I sit at end of bed for three minutes before I exit and go downstairs for the night. She knows this routine. She will even tell her daddy “you can play with my hair three minutes and then you’re going to sleep daddy”.

Kids 🤣

Inevitably she will try and step outside these boundaries. Over time she has stopped testing the waters so much and just sucks it up and does what I’m asking. She is maturing. This is so awesome and gut wrenching as a mother because it is another step towards her not needing me.

This is a good thing. This is natural.

Boundaries are absolutely necessary. God gives us boundaries. He also gives us free will to navigate outside of those boundaries.

The light bulb moment for me here is Cadence is learning to let go as well. She is letting go of her human nature to “do what she wants”. The boundaries have taught her to trust me and her daddy. She knows she is safe and that we will do everything in our power to keep her safe.

At such a young age she is learning a lesson that will follow her for a lifetime. It also prepares her to let go and let God guide her.

We can’t expect the next generation to succeed if we don’t teach them these lessons.

But do we even know the lesson??

Do we trust God to protect us and guide and keep us safe?

Proverbs 3:6 tells us

“In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.”

One does not simply “let go and let God” it takes a lifetime of staying inside boundaries and trusting.

I’ve witnessed so much tragedy in the last few weeks. I’ve been so heartbroken for friends who have lost children and family members. I can’t just tell them “Let Go and let God” I would have slapped someone if I was told that 15 years ago when my sister tragically died.

It’s taken me 15 years to get where I’m at today. Has God ever changed or left?

Absolutely not.

He never once left me. I chose to walk a path outside of his design.

We see kids do this to their parents all.the.time!

Does that mean their parents didn’t offer them everything they needed, NO.

Because of sin, we get this notion in our heads that we don’t need God.

My point in saying all this is, it takes DAILY conversation with our Father to let go of

our own sinful nature.

It has taken daily, sometimes hourly conversation with my three year old to get to this stage where she doesn’t test my boundaries as frequently. She still pushes the limits, but I still love her. I will still pick her up and hold her when she falls off the table I told her not to stand on.

God loves us. Tragedy will happen. Heartache will happen. When we stay in the word and pray without ceasing we learn to naturally let go and let God direct our paths.

Don’t wait until tragedy strikes to let go, you have to do that first. Don’t live your life waiting for tragedy and fearing what might happen.

Gods plans are good. Trust him in the fabulous times and trust Him in the bad.

Daily let go,

Daily let God.

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