Mess Up, Fess Up

Have you ever messed up?

When I personally make mistakes I try to look

back and figure out what caused me to make that mistake. One mistake that is still pretty fresh in my memory is “not reading directions completely”.

I have two daughters and with my first I never had to use formula. In fact, if someone even brought up formula I quit listening because it didn’t apply to me. With my youngest, around 9 months I had to start supplementing with formula.

I seriously had no clue what to do. I bought the formula and “read the directions” and started supplementing. I was so appalled at how fast this stuff went and man how pricey! I knew my girl was a chunky but gees! I wasn’t even giving her full bottles of formula and we were going through the stuff so fast.

Fast forward a month, yes a whole month.

I decided to switch formulas to something cheaper. I bought the new formula and this particular one the directions looked different so I hoaned in a little closer.

This formula said “mix one scoop of formula per TWO ounces”

I was like wow, no wonder everyone uses this formula, is doesn’t take as much.

What I have not mentioned is this.

I had been mixing one scoop to ONE ounce of water

💡 I decided to check my other formula box to see if I was crazy.

Yes indeed, I’m crazy 😝 🥴🤪

I had been giving that baby double the amount of formula 🤦🏻‍♀️ I probably would have realized my mistake sooner but I only fed her one bottle a day. Daycare fed her other three (good thing 🤪)

Moral of the story for me was-

Slow down, read the directions, and then read them again.

I felt like such a moron yall!

When my mistakes effect other people It seems to sting worse and I’m back tracking trying to figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

My sweet baby girl will never have a clue I made that mistake. She still wraps her sweet arms around me and pats my back because she loves me and I am her everything.

God loves us the same. When we make mistakes and then repent he DOES NOT REMEMBER!

“And I will forgive their wickedness, and I will never again remember their sins.” Hebrews 8:12 NLT

My oldest likes to quote “Mom, everybody makes mistakes”

Yes, she’s right. What I am hoping to teach her is how we recover from those mistakes.

Four easy steps:

Take responsibility

Feel remorse

Don’t repeat


Lord, I pray we would assess our actions daily. I pray you’ll make me aware of my shortcomings and help me change. Help me to not repeat the same mistakes. Help me live this in front of my children and teach them and generations to come how to confess shortcomings and learn from them. Lord thank you for your forgiveness and for not remembering my wickedness.

In Jesus name


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