Oh My Goodness!

For some reason I have struggled writing this blog on goodness. We don’t live in a time of a lot of human goodness 🤪.

In order to truly understand how to exhibit goodness you have to understand the goodness of God. I know deep down there are numerous amount of people who live in the belief “God doesn’t see me or care about me”

You see, it is the flesh that causes us to correlate His goodness with our circumstances.

It’s easy to blame it on satan attacking but truthfully our flesh gets the best of us and we tend to see only the negative. That my friend, is selfish. At the end of the day its not about you. It’s about Him. Until you can lay down that selfish mindset you won’t be able to show goodness to other people.

So right now, I want you to stop.
Bow your head and pray for conviction. I’ll get you started.

Dear Lord,
Show me where I’m being selfish. Help me see the goodness you have shown me. Help me look past my own circumstances. Help me Lord. I don’t deserve your goodness, but you gave it anyway……….


I hope your heart is softened to hear this next part.
In my research on this fruit, I found a few definitions/explanations of goodness.

GOODNESS—in man is not a mere passive quality, but the deliberate preference of right to wrong, the firm and persistent resistance of all moral evil, and the choosing and following of all moral good

Goodness- the quality of moral excellence; especially as a quality that is not stagnant, but actively working itself out

Goodness (agathōsynē) may be thought of both as an uprightness of soul and as an action reaching out to others to do good even when it is not deserved. (Bible knowledge commentary)

That last part is where I want to set up camp.
You can’t show goodness to others who don’t deserve it if you don’t first realize the goodness you’ve been shown and don’t deserve.

This is the root of our faith. God sent His one and only Son as a living sacrifice for us all. He was beaten and placed on a cross that He did not deserve.

He died for us.

If you don’t believe that and accept Him in your heart; you will not be able to produce this fruit.

Goodness is a selfless fruit.

We’ve all heard the term “oh my goodness”

I had to use urban dictionary to get a good idea of how to describe this

A phrase uttered in total disbelief and astonishment (urban dictionary)

This definition sums up goodness well.
Goodness is astonishing and people won’t believe why someone would give goodness to people who don’t deserve it… that my friend opens the door to the conversation you need. The ones that leads people to Jesus.

Do the work to look at the goodness God has shown you, and do the work to show Goodness to those who don’t deserve it.

None of us deserve it and living out goodness brings people to the one true King.

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  1. I definitely need extra prayers in this department. I fail greatly. You have such an amazing way of breaking down the scriptures and bringing out the truth. Thank you Emily for being obedient and for helping others come closer to God.

  2. Just what I needed to read about this week! Very beautiful description of true goodness when it sometimes seems hard to find.

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