Peppermint Oil for the Soul

“But avoid irreverent babble, for it will lead people into more and more ungodliness, and their talk will spread like gangrene.”

2 Timothy 2:16-17b ESV

Gangrene is not a pleasant word to hear when you work in my field. This usually means an add on case at 430 pm and lots of peppermint oil.

Obviously I feel terrible for the patient, but all my OR healthcare peeps understand my drift. The medical definition of the noun gangrene is: local death of soft tissues due to loss of blood supply. The word can also be used as a verb—> to make or become diseased with gangrene.

When I first read this verse in 2 Timothy I thought the reference to gangrene was in reference to how fast “talk” spreads. If blood supply is not restored to an area the infection spreads quickly; and so as a healthcare professional that’s how I interpreted this verse, but God told me to look deeper.

I tapped into my bible knowledge commentary and found this

2 Timothy 2:16–18 (BKC): Participating with those who engage in such profane speculations will only, literally, “give their words a feeding place like gangrene.”

Feeding Place.

Talk spreading quickly is obvious, but when you take the verse apart; you realize it is about engaging in the talk. Feeding it.

Go back to the definition- local death of soft tissues. It’s not the speed of gossip, but the depth in which chatter reaches.

Loss of blood supply.

Gossip, chatter, ungodliness literally stops growth in the church. You cut off that portion of the church because blood stops flowing and it dies.

How many of you seen women’s ministries implode before?

Can you connect back and see why? Men talk too, but women…..women really talk.

Godless chatter is choking out our churches. Godless chatter is causing the unchurched to stay unchurched. Some of the most devious and deceptive people I have met are in church…..why???

Satan isn’t going to attack the sinners living it up. Naw, he goes after the ones that show a threat.

Church people. They are human… we all are

Satan is the author of chaos. He is the clot. He is the gangrene.

The Word is our antibiotic, our clot buster, and our 430pm add on incision and drainage (I&D). If you want blood flow restored; it is time to take off the band aid cut open the wound and drain it out; or amputate.

But how?!?




The surgeons that do these I&Ds, go to medical school, and then have a residency for training. It takes years to train in this field.

It has taken me YEARS to realize how to use prayer and fasting to fight my battles. You don’t just wake up and have the tools to drain the swamp (ha, ha…sorry I couldn’t help myself)

You have to fix yourself and fix your own heart before you can successfully combat the godless chatter that happens in churches.

God will grant you the ability to be a vessel of peace.

God will grant you the ability to stop the gangrene.

The real hard truth comes when you realize you might be the problem. That is why praying and fasting is the only way. It is the only way God can connect with His children and show them the way. Sometimes that means making changes. Sometimes that means saying good bye to relationships.

If you can drain an infection early enough then amputation isn’t necessary. If you mend the broken aspects of your relationship with God and your community; saying goodbye won’t be necessary.

Get ready, this process stinks and you will need your peppermint oil for the soul.

Dear Lord,

Help us see our faults. Help us stop godless chatter before it tears our churches apart. I pray we can intercede for our brothers and sisters in Christ and beg for mercy on their behalf. I pray Christians would realize their own faults and turn around. I pray peace amongst our friends. Lord I pray for the unchurched. The ones that know you, but won’t step foot in the church because they’ve been hurt by someone in a church. I pray they can find a local church where they can serve and minister and worship corporately. It is so important and man it is revitalizing. Lord thank you for Paul and Timothy and the letters we have because of their faith. Letters that have stood the test of time. I love you Lord.

In Jesus name


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