Perception: the devils art of deception

How people see us matters, but it also can be a trap by the devil. There is no shame in being different.

“Oh man I forgot my make-up, I gotta go back in and get it!” Has a statement like this come out of your mouth before? Maybe it’s something different, Lipstick, brushed hair, clothes 🤣… etc. I’ve watched numerous people get all in a wad over forgetting something that relates to the way they look.


Because we know, inevitably we will run into someone and be UBER embarrassed at our outward appearance.

“What will they think?”

“I can’t let them see me like this”

Can you honestly answer the question

“Why does it matter what you look like?”

“Why does it matter what so and so thinks about my attire”

I know In the female realm of this, we hear other woman speak words like

“Oh my goodness did you see what Emily was wearing yesterday? She looked so ragged and tired, she has even gained weight, is she ok?”

The conversation will often lead into Emily’s life and she’s not even there to defend or answer that question.

In reality, Emily is just fine. She woke up late, had to rush and get kids ready and didn’t take the time to brush her hair. She put on weight because she stopped worrying about a number on a scale. She wants to be content with who God made her. Her heart is still as pure and full of love, regardless of what she decided to wear that day.

Most of the time what people think of us is based off a small snip it of information. They don’t have the whole story and make assumptions based off tiny blips of time.

Men struggle with this pitfall as well. It looks different, but it’s there.

In fact you can find it in the Bible.

In 1 Samuel 16

Samuel is in search for Sauls replacement as king. The lord instructed him to go to Bethlehem because he had selected one of Jesse’s many sons. When he arrived there and started sizing up the sons, he met Eliab and thought

“Surely this is the lords anointed” vs 6

Then the lord told Samuel in verse 7

“Don’t judge by his appearance or height, for I have rejected him. The Lord doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.””

Samuel went through all the sons that Jesse had brought to him. None of these were the chosen. David was the youngest and he was out tending the fields. His own father looked at stature as a symbol of what God would want in a king.

This was a common trend in David’s life and God consistently won out. This is why David was known as a man after His own heart. He had adulterer and murderer in his repertoire but you notice which title rang truer, the only one that mattered.

Throughout the Bible you find servant after servant that our human selves would never perceive as “spirit chosen”

Does what people think matter? Yes, but not to the extent that our culture embraces. As Christians we do have to model ourself as servants of Christ, but the definition must come from the Bible and not what society dictates. That includes what “church people” say.

You don’t need perfect hair, nails, weight or personality to win souls. You need selflessness and a heart full of love. A heart that sees past imperfection and into the heart of the human.

I spoke with close christian ladies trying to get an idea of how we as Christians can get on the other side of this perception problem.

We came to the conclusion that surrounding yourself with people who

A.lift you up

B.don’t bash or talk about other people

This is a great way to defeat the devils art of deception.

When you place yourself around people who constantly gossip, belittle and berate others you begin to wander “what do they say about me” and thus starts the spiral of caring what others think.

We have to be different.

People will talk about us.

They will most likely nitpick and judge everything we do because of our faith. Learn to not care. It starts small and before long you will find yourself not caring at all about how people view you. As long as you stay true to who God says you are and surround yourself with the right people, you will find favor from the only person that matters, God.

God said it as plainly as possible

“People judge by outward appearance, but God looks at the heart”

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