Right Now is not the Right Time

“As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.” Luke 8:15 ESV

Oh the wonderful conversation of patience. If you are a parent, you probably say “hang on, be patient” a million times a day. I know I do. It was actually my daughter’s teacher that planted the seed of studying the fruits of the spirit. I had said my usual “be patient” statement and my oldest quoted back at me “Patience is a fruit of the spirit”. This is the same one who said chocolate milk is a fruit of the spirit..so there’s that, but hey she understands that fruits show goodness.

Knowing her teacher used this as a form of teaching my baby warmed my heart. Jesus also used culture current stories to bring home messages. These are called parables. Luke 8:4-14 is where Jesus tells the parable of the sower. I would like for you to go on and read that story in verses 4-8.

You’ve got time ..I promise.

This story left the disciples puzzled. They wanted to know the meaning. Sounds a lot like us as Christians now; we want to know the meaning right now. Jesus goes on in verses 11-15 explaining the meaning behind his story. He ends by telling us those that those seeds that grow in the good soil, hear the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart. The key part here; “and bear fruit with patience”.

The Greek translation of patience is forbearance. Forbearance is quite a big word that leaves you like…HUH?

The Hebrew translation of forbear is: cease, desist, and refrain.

Becoming a parent has taught me the true form of patience. There have been times my kids make my blood boil to the point I want to literally shake them, but I refrain. I stop, breathe and refrain from doing the human thing I want to do. I’m not gonna lie my human side has come out a lot and I’ve not refrained. I have not shaken my kids, but I have spanked them in anger.

I learned real quick with my oldest that she responded better when I walked away. Keep in mind she would still be in her fit, screaming, wanting what she wanted RIGHT NOW.

When I ceased, desisted, and refrained she would come to me. She would come to me and sit at my feet to look at me. Sometimes the crying would continue and a lot of times she would quiet.

I would pick her up, hold her and use that moment to teach.

Her biggest lessons have been when her impatience reached a tipping point of a full on tantrum.

Sound familiar?

Have you been in a tantrum with God, waiting on an answer, waiting on relief, waiting for a change in your situation?


After several times of this scenario playing out, my oldest would quit with the tantrums. She would know when I walked away that she had become impatient and she his learning to understand when I say no; that it is for the best.

There is a reason you hear the term “child like faith” all the time. We must have the faith in our Father like a child has in their parents. Faith that no matter what, He has our best interest in heart. He sees all of it. He sees the beginning, the end, and all the in between. He knows what we need, when we need it, and how much.

Refrain from the tantrums, cease the chaos and walk away from the situation. Go to the Father, look up and allow Him to hold you in His arms and teach you the lesson. Those lessons all add up to a child of God who knows how to produce the fruit of patience.


Teach us holy patience. Patience to understand you will provide. I pray we can use this patience to transcend all facets of our life. When we learn patience with you; we can use the lessons in all of our relationships. I pray that each of us will be patient with every scenario that comes our way. Lord I praise you for the lessons. I praise you for metaphorically walking away and making me come to you by sitting at your feet and wanting to know how I can change my plight. Thank you for Jesus and every lesson he left us here on earth. Thank you for the promise of His return.

I love you


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