Time to wake up and look forward

You know that feeling you get when you’re looking forward to something?

For me it’s usually a vacation. My husband, Ryan and I enjoy traveling together to new places. We’ve been to Mexico a few times, but our longest journey was to Hawaii. We booked the trip pretty far in advance and leading up to that trip we had so much fun planning what we would do.

Man how we already loved this sweet child

Not long before we booked our vacation I had a miscarriage and Ryan’s dad had a major stroke that scared all of us. We had decided we weren’t going to be sad anymore. We needed something fun to occupy us. Of course, in Gods humorous fashion I got pregnant and most of our plans for the trip had to change quite a bit. It was our first experience of how a baby changes everything.

With Easter upon us, I think about Jesus and how he looked forward to the cross. Even writing that sounds crazy, but He did look forward to it. It was His sole purpose in coming here.

I was riding in the car with my daughter week and out of no where, Cadence said

“mama, you’re not going to let the soldiers get me like they got Jesus, right?”

Im not going to lie, I was pretty speechless when she asked me that. My instinctive response was “No baby, mama would never let any soldier take you from me”. She then proceeded to say

“Jesus was really mad about them putting him on the cross”

Wow. Im still stunned at the amount of information her tiny little three year old mind absorbs and repeats. I took this opportunity to tell her that Jesus wasn’t mad at all. He was happy to die on the cross, because that meant we could be with him in heaven one day.

It’s honestly hard for me to conceptualize how Jesus looked forward to the cross. In Matthew 28 Jesus went to the Garden Gethsemane to pray. He says in verse 38 My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death. Then in verse 38 He prays “My father! If it is possible, let this cup of suffering be taken away from me. Yet I want your will be done, not mine.

Just writing that prayer I am in tears thinking of the anguish he was experiencing. Still, His emotion was not anger. After you read on, you see his watchmen fell asleep. They did not have a clue what was about to transpire. Can you imagine being that guy that fell asleep during the last moments you had with the Son of Man, the messiah, our savior?

I have experienced tragedy, despair, loss but thanks to Jesus I have also experienced love, joy and indescribable peace.

Hearing an innocent child contemplate Jesus emotion truly set my mind twirling and quite frankly I have been stuck on what to write this week. Our church has sent daily devotionals through out the week that had me in such a worshipful spirit all week. I’ve tried to take pause and think of what was happening in Jerusalem at this time all those years ago. I asked myself “am I honoring His sacrifice?” I can’t say yes. I can say I try, but truthfully

I’m the guy that fell asleep.

We all are. God is calling us to rise up and show the world HIs son, by living like He did. It would be easy to just say “there is no way I can be like Jesus so Im just going to do what I want”. That mentality leads to anguish and a life full of emptiness and dead ends. Our only Hope is in Jesus.

As we prepare to rejoice for the empty tomb on Sunday, I pray you will take an assessment of your life. Who and what are you living for? If that person or that thing is anything but Jesus, I pray you will bend the knee and look to the Father. He wants to wrap you up and take away all your hurt and despair, let HIm.