Is This Seat Taken?

I took a seat next to the enemy this week.

We have been doing a study by Louie Giglio in our connect group. The title is “Don’t Give the enemy a seat at your table” It has been quite an eye-opener. I missed the first week, but the second one I was like “cool I got this thing figured out… He doesn’t sit at my table”

He and his minions snickered at me.

No, he doesn’t have a seat at my table but this week I straight up boarded the struggle bus and asked him “is this seat taken?”

Do you ever sabotage yourself? Get in your head and cause self-induced misery??

Just me?

I let life drag me down. I sat next to Satan and allowed him to speak lies into my life.

You are not skinny enough.

No one is reading your words.

Who are you to think you can change the hearts of healthcare workers?

Why even bother writing this week?

Writing a book is pointless.

When God woke me up early this morning and said “Emily, where have you been?”

I realized what I had done.

I had not spent intentional time with my Father. God put me on a mission to write and when I stray too far I literally can NOT write. I can’t think, no amount of time thinking is enough because I’m not going to the source.

I sabotaged myself.

Our pastor spoke about David this morning. He reminded us that David needed prophets because we can’t keep it together alone. If it weren’t for Nathan calling David out about Bathsheba; David could have gone in the wrong direction.

Praise the Lord that we now have the Holy Spirit to wake us up early and say “where ya been”.

I spent the morning praying and reflecting on the last two weeks. I felt gratitude for how much my relationship has grown over the last few years.

Guess what?!?

Words started to flow.

How is your relationship today with your maker?

Has it grown cold? Are you riding the struggle bus with the enemy and allowing him to fill your mind with lies?

I’m so thankful for a God who is living and chases after me. He knows I can do better and His conviction is so sweet.

There was a time when my heart had grown so cold I couldn’t even hear the Holy Spirit. Through prayer and studying the word with fervor, I now can sense his presence so vividly. He never leaves us. There is a reason the Bible says “pray without ceasing”. He is always right by us waiting for our calls and wanting to direct our ways.

We need only ask.

Let’s Pray


Happy Father’s Day and Thank you. Thank you for chasing me down. Thank you for your conviction and forgiveness. I failed to lay down my cross and I let my flesh thrive rather than die. Then I went and sat next to the enemy and believed his lies. Lord I pray for my readers who have sabotaged themselves. I pray they can turn back to you. I pray this experience will set them on a path to you.

Lord, I pray you give me words and strength to move forward with this blog. I pray for the book you’ve placed on my heart and God I pray every healthcare mom in this world will find rest in you. I pray for revival in all the hearts of those who live in service to others.

In Jesus name