The best kind of tired

Busy: adjective-having a great deal to do Verb- keep occupied

When I think of the word “busy” I think back at my childhood when I would watch my mom run, make meals and of course break up arguments between us kids. There were four girls so you can imagine the drama that filled our home.

Being a mother now I have moments where I’m like “mom how on earth did you do it?”

I have been so busy this week. The kind of busy that so easily sends me into a tailspin sometimes. I am real bad about letting busyness steal my joy. I contemplate what things I can omit so I can have a moment of peace.

When the things that are making you busy are service to the church and to my ultimate mission of encouraging women it’s not real easy to omit. Things must be done, but my family must be taken care of too AND I must do my job.

So how do you handle all that busyness and also remain joyful and at peace with the many blessings God has given?

Up until about four years ago, the first thing I would cut out was church related activities.

Journey with me a second to college life. I laugh at myself when I think about how stressed I got with all the things I had to do. I thought i had to be a part of everything. This was a high school struggle as well. I also had the notion that everybody must like me. This mentality completely and utterly dominated my choices.

How do you value time?

I was not worried with serving my Jesus. I was worried with serving myself. All that busyness ended in being exhausted and run down. Let me tell you, the people you do all that for do not hold you up and fill you heart with joy, they just add more on. Fast forward to three years ago when God Blessed us immensely with our first daughter. That kind of tired …. phew. That tired was like none I’ve ever felt. The emotional roller coaster and post partum period almost sent me into a full on depression, but guess what? Because I had made the decision to start serving in the church before I had Cadence, I was connected. I had people. People who wanted to help me.

Jesus busy is the best busy

Five months ago we welcomed our second daughter Stella into our family and y’all…. My heart is at an all- time full ,with love for my incredible husband and two daughters. They wear me out and make serving a lot more stressful, but when I’m dead dog tired and contemplating dropping the church stuff, guess who lifts me up and fills my whole heart joy and peace? My heavenly Daddy. He wraps me up and reminds me what it’s all about.

Serve and then serve more

My husband and I both serve a good bit in our church and we have our moments where we both just want to stay home and say no to everything. How will that look to our daughters? If they see us quit when the going gets tough. that is how they may respond to difficult times. I want our girls to see us fall to our knees and reassess our situation. We have to drop the Worldly things, not the church things.

I’m gonna probably grab a few pinky toes with this part.

What/who do you worship?

Is it your kids?

Do your children have to be at every ball game, every dance class, class party. Do they have to have the best outfit for the Dr. Seuss week?

Is it your job?

Do you insist on being at the top, so you can get that award and recognition? Fight and fight to stay ahead for the raise so you can buy that big house to keep up Sally Shoemaker?

Fill in the blank.

You know what consumes your mind. What drives every decision you make. If it’s not Jesus Christ and His mission then its time to re-evaluate.

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20 NLT

It is possible to get too busy with good stuff. I’ve seen my fair share of men and women who take on every role they are asked in the church. They give and give until there’s nothing left to give. That too is worshipping something other than Jesus.

If you find yourself over volunteered and starting to resent the church as a whole PLEASE re-evaluate, meet with Jesus and ask Him what needs to Be trimmed. You can do all the right things and your heart not be in line with our savior. He calls us to serve, but in my opinion part of serving is calling on Him for guidance. Before you say yes, pray about it. It’s ok to say no 😇

To answer the question “how do we do it” we don’t do it alone. Our father makes it possible. All the years where I was run down from worldly busyness no one I was serving was up above making sure all the stars aligned and made sure I wasn’t falling apart. They were busy with their own personal agenda.

When you are in service to Gods calling on your life, He will sustain you. He will make the stars align and he will catch you and hold you up.

You’ll never find joy and peace in anything other than Jesus.

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