The Buzz that Never ends

We’ve all had it happen. We are sitting at a quiet lunch with a friend, or maybe we are in the middle of an important meeting with a client. In my case, I am putting a patient to sleep and all the sudden … my watch starts buzzing.

Like legit will not quit.

Two words

Group text

Now I’m sure you’re thinking I’m about to go off about how annoying they are, but it’s quite the opposite.

I have an absolute love/hate relationship with group text. On one hand you can send one message and notify multiple people and it’s like magic.

On the other hand, you get inundated with notifications that drive you up the wall. This past week I was reminded that this technology does not have to be such a burden.

I had an extremely fussy child that was on the verge of being dropped off at the fire station. I sent out one text to one of my mom groups and within minutes I had answers, support, jokes, and encouragement. I also stopped at one of their houses for a snuggly bear filled with warm rice and essential oils.

The next day, one of our group members felt terrible that missed all the text.

You see, I wasn’t upset at all. The ones who were available stepped in and the ones who couldn’t continued in with the mutually important things they had going on.

Are you wandering…”Emily, where on earth you going with this?!?”


Having a community of people who you can group text at 10pm because your at your whits end is important.

I had moments that night.. (which by the way was Thanksgiving night) where I completely understood how women go off the deep end.

Praise the Lord for group text.

I don’t get annoyed anymore(well until next week) , I just grab my phone and press “do not disturb” once I know someone doesn’t need immediate assistance.

Are you feeling alone and wish you had that?

You have to be that for someone. Quit worrying about what you don’t have.. or WHO you don’t have and seek out someone who is in need of community.

Pray and ask God to show you someone. I promise you, He will.

I want to make mention this

You won’t always be the person that helps, you may not be the person that needs help a lot, but when you sacrifice yourself for other people and love them despite your own personal issues… that my friend is being Jesus.

“For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!”Ecclesiastes 4:10 ESV

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