The Crucifixion

A mothers perspective

“He was someone’s baby boy!” I recently heard these words spoken about Jesus, and suddenly my whole perspective about him changed. It’s something that obviously I’ve always known but never really considered until I was pregnant with my own baby boy. 

On that dark day so long ago there were so many emotions. Some people hated Jesus. Some were his followers. But Mary…Mary was his mother.

As Pilate was questioning Jesus, asking what he had done that his own people would bring him to be tried, Jesus finally answered him back saying “My Kingdom is not an earthly kingdom. If it were, my followers would fight to keep me from being handed over to the Jewish leaders. But my Kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36)

Can you imagine as a mother not fighting to keep your child from being handed over to death while listening to the majority of the crowd pleading for Barabbas, an actual criminal, a murderer, to be released instead of Jesus? And then watching your child be mocked, flogged, slapped, and taken to be crucified when you knew he was innocent? And even Herod nor Pilate believed he was guilty? 

Try picturing your child carrying his own cross and walking to his death. Thinking about the moment that Mary sees someone carrying a cross walking towards Golgotha and then realizing it is her first-born son takes my breath away.  Running, screaming, trying to get to him and feeling so helpless that there was absolutely nothing she could do to stop the inevitable.  Can you imagine the rollercoaster of emotions Mary must have been on? 

She knew he was the son of God and ultimately was sent here to save us all. She knew there would be a day that something like this would happen. But how do you prepare for a day like this Friday? Furious at the people that were doing this to her baby, so extremely heartbroken that her baby was being taken away, hanged on a cross, killed in the most horrific and tragic way we can imagine. But then maybe somewhat comforted as he made sure she would be taken care of by John. And so proud that he was so strong through it all and willing to undergo this torture to save even those that we’re doing this to him.

Mary sat at the foot of the cross not just as his mother, but also as a disciple of Jesus following him all the way up to the time of his crucifixion. She watched as the nails were driven realizing her son was dying FOR HER! As the parent it’s our job to save our children, but Jesus was saving his mother and at the same time the accuser, the doubter, the stranger, the sinner. And even if his worst enemy was the only one that needed saving, he would have done it just for him. Let that sink in for a minute!

Mary watched as soldiers gambled away Jesus’ clothes. Waited until he cried out to God, took his last breath, and his spirit released. Stayed through the earthquake that occurred as the veil between Heaven and earth was torn. And witnessed her son being wrapped in linen cloth and placed inside a tomb.  I can’t help but wonder if she was brought back to the day of his birth when he was born in a lowly stable and wrapped in swaddling cloths.  Neither his birth nor death would have been what anyone would expect for a king.

Even if you are not a parent yourself, everyone is someone’s child. Insert yourself or your mother into Mary’s role. 

The way I feel as I think about Mary on that day makes me imagine how God feels about us daily. Oh how He loves us! To send His perfect son with intentions to be crucified on the cross so that we, His imperfect children, could one day be with Him in heaven. 

I hope I never grow immune to how significant that Friday was. To how Mary must have felt watching the events of that day. And that I always remember that “he was someone’s baby boy.”

Dear gracious Heavenly Father, Thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient. I don’t know how you did it. You sent your son to be the ultimate sacrifice for us…for ME! I am forever grateful for your act of unconditional love. I am sorry for the times when I have downplayed the significance of that day. I am sorry for all the times I have taken his death for granted. Forgive me for all my sins that made this day necessary. Lord, I ask that you would help me to never grow numb to hearing the story of the crucifixion. And to remember all the goodness that has since come from that day. It’s in your holy and precious name I pray, amen!

Written by Mallory Meredith

Mallory Meredith, a West Monroe native, resides in Calhoun, LA with her husband, Bryn, and their three greatest blessings, Maggie Mae, Nora Kay, and Briggs. She is a science teacher by trade and serves as one of the middle school science content leaders for the district. Mallory is a member of Fair Park Baptist Church where she helps serve in the women’s ministry. She has a heart for helping women grow in their walk with the Lord and a strong passion for the retreat ministry. Her prayer is that her portion of this blog series will encourage readers to look at the bible stories we’ve heard for so long from a new perspective, that new revelations would be discovered, and the significance of the crucifixion would never become mundane!

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  1. Beautifully said Mallory! I have loved being able to watch and witness your journey as I’m in the storm season of our life. You remind me what’s to come and a new outlook alone on serving ministry. Thank you for being so transparent and vulnerable to us ladies out there needing just that! You ladies are truly impactful!

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