The Tomb is Empty, is your heart?

The past few years when I was preparing for Easter honestly these were my thoughts:

“Ugh I have to go get new clothes for me, Ryan and the girls”

“Oh its the day when people who never go to church come to church”

“Someone is going to sit in my seat”

“Restaurants are going to be packed”

“Here comes all the Facebook pictures of people and their kids all dressed up for the one day of the year they attend church”


I am truthfully ashamed to admit those thoughts, but it’s true. My heart had become cold to what Easter was, hence my Holy Week blog series! When I set out on this journey I had no idea what I was in for. I could write out all the scripture about easter and tell you the usual “The stone was rolled away, he is risen, Death was defeated”, but that would be what you see every year.

You know what I want from you?


The entire premise to my blog and my mission is to encourage Christians to get up, out of their comfort zone and start serving Jesus…for real. Not the mamba pamby, twice a month church visits and an occasional bible study. I mean 100% sold out for Jesus. You can’t do that sitting back and watching everyone else serve. You can’t do that from your couch watching Netflix.

Looking at the entire week leading up to this day helped me see Easter in a new light. My heart has been transformed. This Easter this will be the posture of my heart

“Oh I haven’t seen them in a year, I want to go make sure they feel welcome and ask how they are doing.”

“I am so excited for the opportunity to see folks I don’t get to see often, I hope that I can find out whats going on in their life and help them draw closer to the Lord”

“Oh I am so glad they sat in my seat! I get to go talk to them now”

“I’ll cook lunch for my family, and spend extra time with just them”

“I can’t wait to see all the folks on Facebook that made the choice to go worship our Jesus today, I know He must be so joyful”

If Jesus can come to this earth, live amongst us, have all the emotions we have, be beaten, betrayed and then still choose to die on the cross for even Judas….I can get over myself and do everything I can to take advantage of all the extra people at church today.


One would think this would be the longest blog of the whole week, but instead the purpose of today is to worship. To remember you are alive. I pray that I run into so many new faces and have an opportunity to share your love. I pray that old faces come back and get encouraged and come back next week too. You are a God of forgiveness, mercy and grace. You sent your only Son for me. Thank you for His death. Thank you for His resurrection. I pray my heart never grows cold to what this day is ever again. Lord I pray that the person reading this turns over a new leaf. I pray they ask for a new yearning for your word. Lord I pray for the reader that doesn’t know you at all. I pray they find you and ask you in their heart. I love you Jesus. I am so thankful for this blog series and how it drew me closer to you. In your name I pray


Thank you for joining us in this Holy Week blog series. It has been eye opening and wonderful. I pray you’re heart is stirred to dig into the word.

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