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Guest Blog from Amanda May. One of my besties who is inspired to write encouraging devotionals. Check it out!

One of my favorite summer activities involves spending time at my parent’s house on Lake D’arbonne. They have a beautiful lake house and we will spend the day water skiing, tubing and wake boarding.

My dad finds way too much joy in jerking us off the tube or sending us into a slight panic when he decides to gun the motor. He especially loves to see how long my husband can hang on while doing 360’s.

I love to wake surf! It’s very low impact, easy going and fun! The idea is that once you get up on the surfboard, you find what we call “the perfect spot”. The initial pull is about 2 seconds of fighting the water and then you are up. Once you are out of the water, you position yourself right in front of the wake and allow the wave to just push you along. That is “the perfect spot”. Then you can throw the rope in the boat and depend on the wave to do the rest of the work.

The hardest part about wake surfing is knowing when to throw the rope in the boat. Once you throw the rope in, there is no getting it back. You will either sink or surf.

God wants that same idea to apply in our faith. He wants us to stop clutching on to the rope and allow the wake of His strength to sustain us in life.

That is easier said than done! I think we all know that our faith should be unwavering, but HOW do we let go of the rope and allow him to fully support us??

Open your Bible and read Psalm 46.

You don’t have to look far to find something that evokes fear. Nations are in uproar, sickness is spreading, and division among God’s people is prevalent. All the chaos and fear surrounding us causes us to choke up on the rope and cling to it tighter.

So how do we let go of this rope?

Let go of the rope because God has already won the final battle.

“Therefore, we will not fear, though the Earth give way.” Psalm 46:2.

Yes, the world around us is falling apart, but God has already prepared the way for us through Jesus. This is a Psalm of praise celebrating deliverance from a great enemy.

We too can celebrate in knowing that Satan has already been defeated! God doesn’t promise the waters will be smooth, but he does promise that His final victory is certain and that means our final victory in Him is also certain.

Let go of the rope and “Be Still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

The rest of that sentence is …. And you are not!

In the hustle of life, it gets easy for us to think we are in control and have to be and do a million things at once. The cool thing about wake surfing is once you are up and find the wake, you stay still and allow the boat and the wave do the work.

Be still and allow His wake to fully sustain you.

Be still and listen to the Holy Spirit as you let Him guide your actions.

Be Still and exalt God for who He is and what He has done for us.

Let go of the rope because it is nothing more than a worldly object that pretends to sustain us.

How many ropes are you clinging to?

I have clung to a job, a friend, money, a promotion, success… the list goes on and on. There is nothing wrong with wanting some of those things, but those will not sustain you through life. Ropes will eventually frazzle and fray. They will last for a little while, but not a single one will carry you to eternity.

So now, it’s self-reflection time.

What ropes are you clinging to?

What are those things in your life that you want to give to God, but you struggle to let the frayed edges of the rope go?  

The only way to reach “the perfect spot” is allow the wake of God’s strength to sustain you. He will not let you fall, but you have to let go of the rope in order to experience His sustaining power.

Riding the Wake

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  1. Amanda, what a beautiful way to give us a teaching moment! I love the message, and yes knowing when to throw the rope is so important! In my long life I have clung to that rope sometimes until my hands got raw , scared to let go , but finally realizing that the Lord was not going to let me sink ! Keep writing girl , the Lord has called you to this 🙏🏻! Love you ❤️!

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