In the past, when I would read the word “weary” I immediately thought of someone who was dealing with tragedy. Tragedy from loss of a loved one, job, home, or sense of security. A friend sent me this verse today and it totally changed my perspective on what being weary is al about.

“For I have satiated the weary soul, and I have replenished every sorrowful soul.” Jeremiah 31:25 NKJV

Webster’s definition of weary (adjective)

1. Having the strength much exhausted by toil or violent exertion; tired; fatigued.

2. Having the patience exhausted, or the mind yielding to discouragement. He was weary of asking for redress.

3. Causing weariness; tiresome; as a weary way; a weary life.

My youngest little girl who is 7 months has been ill with RSV this week. Having a sick child with any illness is tough, but I have never experienced RSV.

Handling an inconsolable child who can’t catch her breath has been quite an exhausting feat, and quite frankly, scary. My mind went to bad places and I’ve been on the brink of a meltdown all week.

When my friend Kelly sent that verse, it got me thinking about that word “weary”. I would have never considered my current state as weary but y’all, I am. Ironically my other friend who is also a Kelley sent me this verse

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

From my weary state I have felt so much love. In an effort to thank and also teach, I wanted to touch on following the nudge of the holy spirit.

A lot of times when we are in the midst of our weariness and people reach out and ask “what can I do for you” you truthfully don’t know what to ask for. What I’ve needed more than anything is sleep and no one can do that for you.

On one occasion I found myself so worn out and thought “crud what are we gonna eat for dinner tonight?” No lie, 20 minutes later I had a text “I’m dropping dinner off, be there in ten minutes”.

How did she know???

The next day I was so stressed about my husband having to leave for praise band practice. I got a text that said “can I take Cadence to the park tonight?”

How did she know??

As I was writing this another friend texted and said “I’m sending chef taxi tonight what y’all want?”.


HOLY SPIRIT! That’s how 🙌🙌

They knew because they are Jesus seeking friends who got the nudge. So many other people reached out to me and helped us. These scenarios stuck out to me because I know without a doubt those people got a specific nudge from the Holy Spirit on how to help our weary family.

We all need help sometimes. Only one person truly knows what we need and He will direct our ways.

Following the tug from the Holy Spirit is how you hear the stories about mortgages being paid down to the exact number, milk being delivered at the exact moment you need it, and food being delivered right when you need it.

Like most people, when asked “what can I do to help” my answer is almost always “I’m fine, just keep praying for us”. In my mind, there is someone who has it worse than me.

There is always someone that has it worse, but it doesn’t mean the current problem isn’t awful enough to deserve someone’s generosity.

To be honest I’m very weary while writing this, but I’m committed to this blog and to writing what the Holy spirit leads me to write. No one deed is better than the other.

God has His ways of, what I imagine, is him sending us a 😉 and saying “I got you honey”.

My challenge to you

Call on Jesus. He will sustain you and he will send people your way at the perfect time.

Accept help when it’s offered

Offer help when you feel the Lord leading you, it’s tough to know at first but it gets easier.

This weeks blog is dedicated to my incredible village of connect group friends who have prayed for us, checked on us, brought food, brought snacks, brought prizes for my three year old and offered to help me with her.

I especially want to thank our Nena for coming to our rescue and taking care of our Stella so I could go back to work. Leaving a sick baby is so incredibly hard and I’m so thankful to be by family who can help us.

Mamas who have been through this have so much empathy and gave me some of the best advice ever!

I’m thanking God for this weariness. One day I’ll be able to return this love to someone else who is weary from taking care of a very sick child.

Pic of my girl and praying to see this smile all the time again

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