What’s Your toxic trait

Do you have a toxic trait? I do. I am a rule follower. I know your thinking how is that toxic? Well for one it makes me think there has to be rules for everything. Secondly it causes me to blindly follow things because it’s a “rule”. Check out this tag below.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this little jewel that comes on all the house hold pillow and cushions. They’re annoying. This brings me to my second toxic trait….I don’t read all the way. I skim the “high points”. Well because of that I went YEARS yes years thinking that I couldn’t take this tag off because of the first two lines.

Y’all I truly thought some body from some law upholding branch was gonna punish me for removing these tags.

Go ahead. judge, laugh…I can take it. My husband gonna be shaking his head when he reads this.

Needless to say, prior to this week, all my pillows had these lovely tags hanging off of them. I even went so far to shop for only pillows without tags.

I was blind because of my need to follow rules.

Sound familiar?

If you live in the Deep South you’ve seen the legalistic, rule following Christian’s that are “holier than though” Bible thumping butt munches who judge everything we do. Yeah I’m being dramatic but I bet you giggled at butt much .

I’ve been one of those butt munches. I’m not proud of it but my natural tendency is to need and follow rules. If someone didn’t follow the rules then how could they possibly be doing the “right” thing.

I haven’t blogged weekly since Feb. What started out as little time to write turned into my well running dry. I didn’t have a topic to talk about. I didn’t have creativity to write. I thrive on structure and deadlines. Guess who knows that all to well.


He fed me lies and I drifted away from a deep calling that God placed on my life in 2020. We all do this. We make excuses of why we can’t do something. I’m the worlds best excuse maker on why I can’t work out. Those excuses turn to apathy and then apathy turns to depression.

It takes a long time to build physical endurance. It doesn’t take a long time to lose it. The same goes for spiritual endurance. The relationship we have with our Heavenly Father grows deeper when we invest time into it. When our excuses muffle His voice we drift away.

I didn’t want to write today. I was encouraged by my E2M fitness coach to stop saying “I’m gonna start tomorrow” I worked out this am after a 24 hour shift at the hospital, I devoted time to scripture and prayer and now I’m writing.. today, not tomorrow.

What have you been putting off for tomorrow? Are you a fellow rule follower who allowed rules to blind you from the whole picture or the whole truth?

Make room today. I cut off all these tags smiling because I recognized a weakness I could easily fix. I can slow down and read all the words. I can call on the Holy Spirit to help me discern right from wrong. He guides me and helps me walk in the light today.

Check out the song “Make Room” by community music.

Bible Study I’m currently doing is “When You Pray”

Current book I’m reading- Radical by David Platt

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your word. Thank you for those moments you grab my attention with tags on a pillow. You use The simplest things to bring me back into your arms. I pray you’ll give me the words to write each week. Lord I pray the readers will be convicted where necessary. I pray for grace where needed and peace in all areas. I love you Lord. Thank you for my toxic traits. I pray they make me stronger.

In Jesus name


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