When all goes Quiet

I want you to really draw in some imagery here.

Your house is quiet.

No one is around.

You have no plans for 30 mins.

What on earth you gonna do?!?

Big yawn, man I could totally take a nap

The clothes needs to be started

I’m pretty sure there was peanut butter and jelly stuck somewhere and I can’t remember where

I could sure eat a snack

Did I put on deodorant today?!?… sniffs under arms

What are we gonna eat for dinner

I wish I had time to work out

There went about two minutes.


Yep, me too. The real question is what you actually do next.

I usually pick up my phone. There is something on there that needs me….

But does it?

All of those thoughts are DISTRACTIONS. 90% of those things we do subconsciously without even thinking about it. They are built into our schedule.

Last week my oldest daughter told me that the girl beside her for recital kept distracting her. I was able to have a good conversation about her keeping her eyes focused on her teacher. She also learned what peripheral vision is 😜

I was left pondering after our conversation.

Jesus is my teacher and oh boy do I have peripheral distractions. Work, home, family, CHURCH, dance, Bible study, dirty clothes, friends… etc.

Please take notice I mentioned church. Church can be just as big a distraction as our worldly responsibilities. Our intentions are great but our execution is not what God is telling us.

There is one Bible character that comes to mind when I think about doing right things for wrong reason.

Poor Saul. He really did try 🤪

He was chosen by God as the first king. He had Samuel to guide him and poor guy just couldn’t keep it together. In 1 Samuel chapter 13 we see him waiver and God had enough.

Saul was preparing for battle against the philistines in micmash. Saul was instructed by Samuel to wait for him to return.

While he is waiting all kinds of distractions catch his eye.

Vs 5 The philistines mustered a mighty army

His people were fleeing in fear vs 6

His men were trembling with fear vs 7

He panicked and took things into his own hands vs 9

He sacrificed a burnt offering without Samuel. It was deliberate disobedience.

I chose this “mishap at micmash” because this is where Saul lost kingship.

He was so distracted by his fears that he lost out on some major blessings. He would go on to be miserable and fall on his own sword.

We tend to get all in our heads thinking that the world is so much different now than it was then. While that is true, people have always been people. We are guilty like Saul, but praise the lord Jesus came.

Jesus came and lived a human life with all the same distractions.

He was tempted by Satan (Matthew 4:1)

He had family, he had a job, he had a ministry

When my daughter told me she was distracted I told her to keep her eyes on her leader.

The answer is the same for us!

When Jesus was preparing temptation by Satan he fasted. For forty days 😳 Matthew 4:2

He combated the devil with scripture every time!

You can see that is Matthew chapter 4:4,7,10

We must look to our leader for answers.

We must follow His lead. The only way to do that is to be in the Word DAILY.

When you have 30 mins of random quiet, dive into scripture! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Dear Lord,

Forgive me for letting peripheral distractions lead me astray. Lord I pray you would strengthen my ability to keep focused on you. I pray for the scriptural knowledge to fight Satan on every front. Lord i pray for the reader who feels lost and can’t seem to keep their head above water. Lord I pray they would I see the life float right in front of them and reach out for it. You are so good and we are not worthy. I thank you for lessons from the Old Testament. Lord lead me and guide me.

In Jesus name


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  1. Emily
    I really enjoyed reading this and am going to read more. You have come so far from the new little nurse in CVICU.
    I’m not a CRNA just an old RN and don’t have small kids but really love reading about your relationship with God and how I too can improve mine. So don’t limit yourself share what you have to offer with everyone!

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