When God makes you laugh, get ready to move!

How many of you have gotten road rage? You’re driving along, minding your own business, and then BAM car zooms past you, gets in between you and an 18 wheeler, slams on the breaks and cuts you off. Now you are royally annoyed and sometimes that is enough to just straight up ruin your morning.
That happened to me this morning ..except I was the jerk that cut someone off (😆🤦🏻‍♀️I was in a rush). I had been super busy with getting my heathens, cough, I mean joyous gifts from God, ready. My mind was elsewhere. I realized my exit was coming up, and I had to cut off a car. I thought “oh man that person gonna hate me!”
After the whole incident, I got to thinking about how I’ve acted before when someone did that to me, and I was convicted. I was reminded about the story in Genesis about Sara and Abraham. My scenario is not the same at all, but for some weird reason that’s where my mind went.
Gen 18:25-33
Read Genesis chapter 18

The first part that grabs me with this chapter is when the Lord tells Sara she will have a child the next time he sees them. She literally laughs! Have you ever laughed at something that God is telling you? I surely have. It actually happened recently whenever my best friend Amanda texted me and said “Emily, its time to start your blog”. If I only told you that part, one might say “so what’s the big deal?” The funny part is that I had a newborn, my second little girl, Stella. I want to say she was maybe a week old. Can’t forget I also have a sassy, red headed 3 year old too. Amanda went on to tell me that God nudged her to encourage me…oh man, how can you argue that? Now I find it important tell you that Amanda and I are long time friends in Christ. She knows me, she knows my struggles, she knows my goals, and she knows my heart. With that being said, when she told me that…y’all I listened. The REAL newborn fatigue had not set in yet, and I was still running on adrenaline. At first I laughed….like really laughed sent the whole “bahahahahhahaha” via text, and then I said “Ok, I’ll do it.” Now here I am, blogging for readers like you! Now enough about me, let’s go back to Genesis chapter 18.

The Lord calls Sara out for laughing and then its Abrahams turn to question the lord. If you read verses 25-33 you see a long line of Abraham questioning the Lord. If you are a parent, does this conversation sound familiar?
“Mom, I want to watch two more episodes of Paw Patrol”
“Ok baby, you can watch ONE more episode and then we are going to take a bath”
“Mom, I want Cheetos for breakfast”
“No baby, you can’t have Cheetos for breakfast, but you can have some with your lunch”
Its a never ending cycle of bargaining with children and WOW God has the same issue with us! He really isn’t an unreasonable Father. In the end he just knows best. He knew that Sodom and Gomorrah were all completely wicked and there wasn’t even one person worth saving. However, in his infinite wisdom and patience, he went along with Abraham’s line of doubtful questioning.

Are you in a situation where you wanna laugh at what God’s calling you to do?
Maybe you are in a season of unbearable grief and laughter seems like it will never happen again. Sara had become so cynical that she laughed at our Almighty father. She had grown so weary over wanting a child that she had convinced herself it would never happen. She even took matters into her own hands and had Abraham father a child with their servant.
My point? God is sovereign. He knows what is next, and he can see the future that we can not. He is the ultimate father who is looking out for us. He is trying to help guide us down the highway of life. We, like Sara, insist on taking exits that detour us for sometimes long periods of time. We have to look up and get our direction from Him. He knows which exits to take.
No matter what season you are in God will guide your steps and there is a way out. I promise. You may need some help from a friend, Lords knows I sure have. Quit laughing at God, and get up and go change the world!

30 Replies to “When God makes you laugh, get ready to move!”

  1. That was exactly what I needed to hear!! You have always and still continue to inspire me!! I love your courage!! And I love you!!😘😘

  2. I am so proud to see what you are doing. I knew the LORD was going to use you in a special way a long time ago. May GOD bless what you are doing.

  3. What a great job Emily. I’m so proud of you for pursuing this endeavor. You’re quite the writer! I love how God moves, and I love seeing you in your obedience to him. Your mom’s on board!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this Emily! I really enjoyed reading this, and feel like it is something God wanted me to see at this moment in my own life. 🙂

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