You Don’t Deserve the Shade

You’ve all heard the term “I’m gonna take my ball and go home!” We all have that friend and if you don’t… well I’ll let you discern that nugget by yourself in private with Jesus.

Any who

It’s a different kind of anger. No one person really made you mad per say but you are so mad at the situation as a whole.

Maybe you lost a game, maybe you got looked over by a friend, maybe you got benched…etc

Whatever the circumstance your plight was unsatisfactory. That is where we are with Jonah here in chapter 4.

We’ve seen his disobedience, his repentance, his obedience and now an angry pouting has come over him. He knew God was gracious and he despised the ninevites to the point he would rather die than see them saved. So he took his ball and went to the dessert.

Jonah is not portrayed in a real good light here, but I want you to get some Important take aways.

  • We’ve all been here, rather you want to believe it or not.. BUT it doesn’t define you. How many of you think of Jonah and the whale as “a pouty dood who preached the word and then a worm ate a plant that was giving him shade”? I know I never have. Jonah had some less than redeeming qualities and God still used him. It’s not about US. It’s about He who created us and what our mission is.
  • It’s ok to be angry. Ephesians 4:26 tells you “Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,” Jonah was angry and he knew his anger was not holy so he contemplated death. This is a lack of faith. Ever been there? I’ve had some low, dark and lonely moments where I’ve been mad and felt like “what’s the point” BUT GOD. He created all of us.. Jonah couldn’t see past the evil and his hatred blinded him from the true nature of our father; grace.
  • God provided the plant. Jonah didn’t do anything to deserve that shade. He was letting his human nature shine bright. Yes he obeyed, but his spirit was lacking. The plant died and he mourned more for the plant than the thousands of lives that would have been destroyed if he had not given that message.

What has God provided you that you are taking for granted?

What opportunity have you missed because of blind hatred?

What ONE person could have been saved if you obeyed your calling?

You are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Jesus saw past the crowds and focused on the one. You are to do the same. When you focus on the one; the crowd follows the results.

Dear Lord,

Despite Jonah’s faults you used him. Lord I pray that this reader will look at the one. The one coworker that’s stealing all the joy, the surgeon that comes to work daily just to cause angst, the boss who never chooses you, and I could go on and on. Lord you see the big picture; I pray we can let our anger be the catalyst for change instead of division. I pray this message will be the small voice one reader needs to get up, dust off and walk the path you laid out. Lord help us be the light in a dark world of healthcare. A place that is supposed to be of healing and love has turned to greed and apathy. I pray not only will patients gain healing but every healthcare provider will be revived and renewed by the grace we all have been given. The grace that is undeserved. I pray for everlasting shade over the one who’s burnt out and needs relief. I pray for peace; unexplainable peace. Lord thank you for this blog series and the impact it had on me. I pray just one person will leave changed and the results will be thousands of lives changed because that one obeyed the calling.

In Jesus name


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